Fire Orange Project 3.0

Mario & Konstantin

Together with experienced bassist and composer, Mario Ehrenberg-Kempf, exciting original songs have been produced for already two full Fire Orange Project albums: “TEMPERATIO” and “Offshore Horizons”.

In developing its artistic design, we stepped into contemporary Jazz in 2017 and presented our original ideas and arrangements live (news, FB). We received excellent feedback from jazz and non-jazz listeners alike and from people who saw us for the first time. Now new music is on the way once more reaching out to fascinating soundscapes (link). read more


Elbcoast Fusion Quartet

Elbcoast Fusion Quartet is a jazz fusion project from the Hamburg area with saxophone, electric piano, bass and drum set between jazz-funk, fusion, pop and R&B. The quartet only plays original compositions and stands out with its exciting voicings, melodies and themes as well as good groove. The formation around the go-getting keyboardist Hans-Hermann Bornscheuer has been performing since summer 2021 in the line-up of bassist Hardy Best and saxophonist Stephan Schwiderski plus me on the drums.


Film Music & More (since 2020)

After the very successful collaboration with Anny Tubbs and First Move Productions on “Trapped by Plastic”, which has received several awards, I am looking forward to further film projects with this great team.

Acording to Anny her company First Move Productions was established in 2020 to champion ethical, sustainable and positive change, by filming and sharing original stories about individual contributions and insights.

The production of audio-visual art is definitely one of my passions, so the development of music and sounds for films is very important to me. Here I try to naturally amplify emotions through music or sounds.


Corazon (2019-2020)

In 2019 and early 2020, I played the drums in the Latin- & Funk-influenced Jazz-Fusion band Corazon from Hamburg, Germany.

The band enjoyed original music, mainly somewhat Jeff Lorber-ish sounding compositions of the vivid musician and Keyboarder Hans-Hermann Bornscheuer. Definitively, an intresting Quintet with electric piano, trumpet, saxophone, drumset and bass that created a unique micture between Jazz-Funk, Bossa and softer Fusion.

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Other Projects and Recording

Besides embarking on the Fire Orange Project, other recent projects included different kind of orchestra collaborations, playing some percussions and contributing to productions of my friends with drum recordings.

Since around 2010, I support various orchestra projects in Hanover, Germany, (e.g. JSO Hannover) by playing mainly drum set or snare drum for classic tunes, film score and also modern pieces.

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