The Fire Orange Project Starts Series of Live Shows

We’ve just started a nice series of live performances with “Offshore Horizons“. Here are some impressions from the wonderful gig at Brelinger Mitte near Hannover on September 21st, 2019. As you can see we had a lot of fun!


Dreamset Pictures

As you know I grew up with classical music and like dynamics and the mix of focused and also open tones. What I like about Jazz, my later true love, is the expression and flow that comes along with this kind of music. And still, I’m very curious and in search for new sounds and inspirations. Thus, I’m also experimenting with gear, drums and cymbals. Here are some pictures of my latest dream set.

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Dancing Horizons – Audio-Visual Art & Dance Performance

A new music video presents a dance performance inspired by the music of The Fire Orange Project’s album Offshore Horizons. It features the passionate dancer Louisa-Marie Kossack who carefully picks up the emotion of two selected arrangements from Mario Ehrenberg-Kempf and me in her choreography.

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On Air, On Fire – The Fire Orange Project @ Broadcast

This year starts off with fresh music in the German broadcast. For those who missed to listen live,
here is an excerpt of what’s been on air…

If you’re interested in the album Offshore Horizons – please check out our webpage under .



Season’s greetings & best wishes for the New Year!


The working year is drawing to a close and now Christmas is upon us. This thought makes me want to chill out and drink a good freshly roasted and brewed coffee and reflect on the occurrences of a long, long 2017.

I want to take this opportunity and wish all my friends a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Thanks so much for all the support, thanks for supporting my latest production Offshore Horizons (link). Now I look forward to upcoming concerts of The Fire Orange Project and much more.