Canceled Because of the Coronavirus…

The Pandemic hits the world hard.

The list of what’s been canceled due to the new Coronavirus is horribly long and naturally includes local Jazz gigs like ours (@ Pavillon Hannover), too.

Please help stopping the spread of COVID-19.
#wirbleibenzuhause #stayathome


New Year, New Luck

I’d like to wish you all a happy New Year and hope that not only your musical aspirations will be fulfilled!

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The Fire Orange Project on Tour (Video)

The Fire Orange Project had great fun with a series of concerts in Berlin, greater Hannover and Hamburg. We received excellent feedback from jazz and non-jazz listeners alike and from people who saw us for the first time.

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A Modern Class Act

I am highly delighted the Modern Drummer Magazine picked my photo for the “kit of the month” feature and published it together with a short interview in their December 2019 issue. Check it out here (A Modern Class Act). This is the second time I was mentioned in the world’s leading drum magazine.

Meanwhile, I have started working on brand new compositions. The stuff will also be produced with The Fire Orange Project, maybe this time with the kit and the brass snare shown above…

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The Fire Orange Project Starts Series of Live Shows

We’ve just started a nice series of live performances with “Offshore Horizons“. Here are some impressions from the wonderful gig at Brelinger Mitte near Hannover on September 21, 2019. As you can see we had a lot of fun!