Summer 2016 – Chopin Open Air

Chopin Open Air 2016

Summer is over but some memories still resonate. For instance, 5000 people came to attend the Chopin open air event in August in Hanover. Sunny weather, world-class pianist Andrew Tyson, free entry and the “bring your own drinks und pick-nick” atmosphere seemed to attract many folks coming to the Herrenhausen gardens for classical music. read more


New Band Video Online

Here is a brand new video performance of a part taken from a moving composition entitled Grandpa’s Memory stemming from The Fire Orange Project. The band features Markus Horn on the piano and Florian Pöschko on guitar.

Please share my clip if you like it. read more


Orchestra Project Weeks

A little off the beaten track, in June I ended up playing two consecutive weekends with two different nice symphony orchestras in Hanover.

First, I played concerts featuring Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition with Hanover’s renown JSO.

Then, a Sibelius piece and drums on Gershwin’s Rapsody in Blue with Hanover’s regional youth orchestra.

Check out the photograph below and make sure you get a chance to meet these nice orchestras for real – for instance the JSO at the Chopin Open Air in Hanover in August. read more


Konstantin goes Istanbul Mehmet!

I’m really excited that I now endorse Istanbul Mehmet cymbals. Mehmet Tamdeger’s cymbals convinced me 100% – so I’d like to encourage everyone to try out these fine traditional hand-made cymbals.

istanbul_mehmet_cymbals read more


Performance with Ambitious Youth Orchestra

As you might know since several years, I support various orchestra projects initiated by the music school in Hanover, Germany, by playing drum set and snare drum for classic tunes, film score and also modern stuff.

End of June, I performed with an ambitious orchestra led by Thomas Aßmus for a national-wide competition. The concert was arranged around the idea of a world’s fair introducing different countries and composers.

Moreover, the orchestra member nicely integrated video and multi-media in order to guide through the set list. I was part of a Jazz trio that accompanied the orchestra for a special highlight of the concert, a début performance of a piece of the composer Tatjana Prelevic. The concert originally should have been presented at the EXPO 2000 campus in Hanover – but due to structural issues the performance took place at a different location. read more