Album Release: Offshore Horizons

The FIre Orange Project - Offshore Horizons (2017)

…This production was about pursuing a distinct ensemble sound that blends traditional tones with modern edge. The music, itself, is based on certain experiences and ventures compiling ideas of Mario Ehrenberg-Kempf and myself. Taking the time to step into this album will allow the listener to relate to the various moods. Like a long voyage into the calling sea, it all started with some initial ideas a while ago that eventually casted off from the coastline – hence the title. And when finally reaching the harbor, I realized we have come up with the exact kind of sound I was looking for…read more


The Fire Orange Project’s 2017 Album Teaser

Please take the time and listen to the sneak preview that comes along with a new video clip! The video is short but nevertheless conveys some of the energy and spirit of our recording session.

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The Fire Orange Project’s 2017 Album Recording

Here are some pictures from last week’s Fire Orange Project recording session. You’ll find Mario and me together with Florian Pöschko and Markus Horn in the great D Room studio, where Hervé Jeanne recorded us. Stay tuned until we release the album. We’re pretty much confident you’ll like the stuff!



Latest Composition and Test Recording for the 2017’s Album


Summer 2016 – Chopin Open Air

Chopin Open Air 2016

Summer is over but some memories still resonate. For instance, 5000 people came to attend the Chopin open air event in August in Hanover. Sunny weather, world-class pianist Andrew Tyson, free entry and the “bring your own drinks und pick-nick” atmosphere seemed to attract many folks coming to the Herrenhausen gardens for classical music. read more