Live EP Release: Echo Sounder

The long awaited third production with The Fire Orange Project is out, plus videos from the live recording session.

Echo Sounder
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Live Recording Session

It’s unbelievable: it felt like ages, but finally we pressed the magic red recording button, and then tracked our new compositions while the cameras were filming us. The result will be wonderful, we are already convinced of that! And some of you have contributed directly to this with “Silent Disco” headphones as an audience! Many thanks to Til and the whole production crew and also to the GVL, thanks to which this production was made possible for Mario and me to this extent. Extraordinary thanks also to our special guest, Stephan Emig accompanying us on percussion and live electronic. Here are photos by Jannik and Louisa (soundcheck and event).


A Film That Speaks Truth

Since its inaugural launch screening, hosted by the London Film Academy in February 2021, the short documentary film “Trapped by Plastic” (link) has continued to be recognized for its powerful message throughout the year…

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A Modern Class Act

I am highly delighted the Modern Drummer Magazine picked my photo for the “kit of the month” feature and published it together with a short interview in their December 2019 issue. Check it out here (A Modern Class Act). This is the second time I was mentioned in the world’s leading drum magazine.

Meanwhile, I have started working on brand new compositions. The stuff will also be produced with The Fire Orange Project, maybe this time with the kit and the brass snare shown above…

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Dancing Horizons – Audio-Visual Art & Dance Performance

A new music video presents a dance performance inspired by the music of The Fire Orange Project’s album Offshore Horizons. It features the passionate dancer Louisa-Marie Kossack who carefully picks up the emotion of two selected arrangements from Mario Ehrenberg-Kempf and me in her choreography.

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