Performance with Ambitious Youth Orchestra

As you might know since several years, I support various orchestra projects initiated by the music school in Hanover, Germany, by playing drum set and snare drum for classic tunes, film score and also modern stuff.

End of June, I performed with an ambitious orchestra led by Thomas Aßmus for a national-wide competition. The concert was arranged around the idea of a world’s fair introducing different countries and composers.

Moreover, the orchestra member nicely integrated video and multi-media in order to guide through the set list. I was part of a Jazz trio that accompanied the orchestra for a special highlight of the concert, a début performance of a piece of the composer Tatjana Prelevic. The concert originally should have been presented at the EXPO 2000 campus in Hanover – but due to structural issues the performance took place at a different location. read more


The Fire Orange Project EPK

The second album of my duo project with bass player / composer Mario Ehrenberg-Kempf is emerging. Here is the electronic press kit of a recent 1-day test recording session at Echolane Recordng Studio. Find out more about The Fire Orange Project, us and our latest songs.

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The Fire Orange Project Recording Session

Here are some photos from yesterday’s studio recording session in the Echolane studio in Bergen. It’s been a fantastic time, we nicely mic-ed up my drumset and Mario’s bass and finally recorded some demo material. A video will soon follow. Stay tuned!

UPDATE@2015, August: Finally, here is the video of the session.


Search for Inspirational Sounds

Why not allow the instrument to evolve so to better suit your style? As you may know, from time to time I like to change up a few things in order to keep me inspired and try out new sounds.

Now my new Maple kit has arrived. Thanks so much to Steve and Craviotto!

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News of Late Summer 2012

Recently, the website was established so check it out! Thanks for everyone who supported this project! Please feel free to send me your feedback and check out my work, especially, my current undertakings and the video clips which I have just produced.

If you want to hear new material, you can do that online at iTunes, Amazon or Musicload – otherwise, for a physical CD, please go to type:g records’s online shop or Amazon.