Dreamset Pictures

As you know I grew up with classical music and like dynamics and the mix of focused and also open tones. What I like about Jazz, my later true love, is the expression and flow that comes along with this kind of music. And still, I’m very curious and in search for new sounds and inspirations. Thus, I’m also experimenting with gear, drums and cymbals. Here are some pictures of my latest “dreamset”.

The kit shown is a new Craviotto drum set featuring shallow shell sizes with 7×12″, and 13×16″ for the floor tom, 12×20″ for the bass drum. I have equipped the toms with shiny 4mm AK “chrome-over-brass” hoops, which add up nicely to the wooden tone.

The fabulous snare is from Italy, too, like the hoops from drum builder Adrian Kirchler. It’s a 6.5×14″ 1mm single-piece brass shell with 4mm chrome hoops and a sophisticated, fan-shaped snare wire construction with 5 distinct snare beds. This drum is similiar to the “Damion Reid” signature model from Adrian, which happened to be a phenomenal and very unique instrument, inspired also by classical drums by the way. However, a brass shell and coiled steel wires instead of copper and silk wound wires were used, adding a little more sustain to the otherwise highly dynamic and articulate, focused snare sound.

Eventually, I really like the dry and ultra-sensitive snare together with the full and round sounding drums. This 20″ solid bass drum provides all the low-end like e.g. a bigger orchestra bass drum! Thanks so much to Steve and Craviotto and Adrian! Thanks so much to Istanbul Mehmet!

UPDATE@2019, November: I am highly delighted the Modern Drummer Magazine picked my photo for the “kit of the month” feature. Check it out here (A Modern Class Act).