The Fire Orange Project on Tour (Video)

The Fire Orange Project had great fun with a series of concerts in Berlin, greater Hannover and Hamburg. We received excellent feedback from jazz and non-jazz listeners alike and from people who saw us for the first time.

Please check out this 5-minute YouTube clip if you want to once more dive into our live performances. It features some excerpts from the shows at Brelinger Mitte (greater Hannover area) and Alte Druckerei Ottensen, Hamburg. A big “thank you” to all our sponsors, fans and supporters!

If you are located in the north of Germany, you can already save two dates: February 7 for our upcoming gig at Zinnschmelze, Hamburg and May 9 for exciting our Hannover fans at Kulturzentrum Pavillon! Otherwise, please see the event page – we’re about to confirm more dates soon.