2020 and the World Is Upside Down

Strange year – almost everything was different than expected. Now with the second lockdown, I definitively want to look ahead and find new perspectives knowing things won’t be like they used to anyways…

photo credit: Romina B.
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New Fire Orange Music on the Way

Here is Echolot (Echo Sounder), a new balladic composition based on a repeating 3 bar form. As you can see in the video below Mario and I ended up home-recording a nice little preview.

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Going for the “Heart of the Beat”

Do you know what it is like when you have known something for quite some time, but always walk past it? Lately, I got the opportunity to test Code’s drum heads and really liked them. Easy to tune and with their unique rims (quality aluminium rim with double-knurled steel core,
without any glue, so no pressure needed when bedding new heads!), they just fit cleanly on the drums and help to produce a great sound.

Having said that, I am now a happy endorser of these products. Probably, I will chose between the DNA coated and the heavier Generator coated (shown below) for snare and toms…

Code Drum Heads (link) are a UK-based brand, which produces drum heads and drumming accessories like for instance tone adapters, cymbal felts, port holes, snare wires or ribbons. They are aiming for high-quality products that still can be provided at reasonable costs. From what I know, all their R&D and product qualification is completely in their hands, and while the founders James Potts and Mike Heaton are drummers themselves, it’s really “made by drummers for drummers”. Thumbs up, guys!

For me, this is a further step going for the “heart of the beat”. Nice slogan by the way! Thanks to Curt, Markus and the fine German music & drum gear distributor Musik Wein.