The Fire Orange Project’s 2017 Album Teaser

Please take the time and listen to the sneak preview that comes along with a new video clip! The video is short but nevertheless conveys some of the energy and spirit of our recording session.

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Latest Composition and Test Recording for the 2017’s Album


New Band Video Online

Here is a brand new video performance of a part taken from a moving composition entitled Grandpa’s Memory stemming from The Fire Orange Project. The band features Markus Horn on the piano and Florian Pöschko on guitar.

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The Fire Orange Project EPK

The second album of my duo project with bass player / composer Mario Ehrenberg-Kempf is emerging. Here is the electronic press kit of a recent 1-day test recording session at Echolane Recordng Studio. Find out more about The Fire Orange Project, us and our latest songs.

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