New Band Video Online

Here is a brand new video performance of a part taken from a moving composition entitled Grandpa’s Memory stemming from The Fire Orange Project. The band features Markus Horn on the piano and Florian Pöschko on guitar.

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I’ve recorded the drums in Spring working with different sound concepts evolving throughout the track. However, I didn’t want to do just a boring drum feature. Instead we’d end up introducing the band and taping a band performance taking place in late June. At the end of the video, you’ll also hear the extraordinary TW ride cymbal replica that Istanbul Mehmet came up with, one of my favourite cymbals so far.

Looking at the white-shiny Craviotto and wandering through the lonely urban night… What sad news when I heard that one of the finest drum builder Johnny Craviotto had died in July! Rest in peace, Johnny. The sound of your drums will always remain.