12/31/2020 // Blog

Trapped By Plastic

It has been an honour for me to take part with my music in a 10-minute documentary film by Anny Tubbs (First Move Productions) about the work of the internationally award-winning photographer Mandy Barker. Mandy has been raising awareness of the issue of marine plastic debris and ocean pollution over the past decade.

Inspired by first impressions of her images, I began to improvise on my piano and then experimented with fragile melodies in the beloved D harmonic minor scale that would be accompanied by repetitive, rhythmically disintegrating structures and massive (synthetic) sound clusters. In the end, this went well with the story, mood, pictures and film script.

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11/15/2020 // Blog

New Fire Orange Music on the Way

Here is Echolot (Echo Sounder), a new balladic composition based on a repeating 3 bar form. As you can see in the video below Mario and I ended up home-recording a nice little preview.

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