Konstantin goes Istanbul Mehmet!

I’m really excited that I now endorse Istanbul Mehmet cymbals. Mehmet Tamdeger’s cymbals convinced me 100% – so I’d like to encourage everyone to try out these fine traditional hand-made cymbals.


After years of listening and making music as wells as working in the audio business, I am always in search for perfect sound. Consequently, I developed a distinct dedication and preference when it comes to the sound of instruments, drums, sticks and cymbals.

This year, I finally got some opportunity to check-out what’s available on the cymbal market. Here, the cymbals made by Istanbul Mehmet exceeded all of my expectations. Particularly, the ride included in the Tony Williams tribute killed me! Now that’s how I like a cymbal to sound! With that said, it’s a great honour for me that I can finally endorse the instruments.

Thanks to the Istanbul Mehmet team and thank you Harika for helping me find my cymbals and opening up the connection to Curt and the fine German music & drum gear distributor Musik Wein.