Search for Inspirational Sounds

Why not allow the instrument to evolve so to better suit your style? As you may know, from time to time I like to change up a few things in order to keep me inspired and try out new sounds.

Now my new Maple kit has arrived. Thanks so much to Steve and Craviotto!

Chatting with various drummers and having recently played again on a solid shell kit, as well as remembering all nice custom drums at the exhibits for musical instruments, I finally convinced myself to purchase a Craviotto (hand-crafted drums by California-based drummer and drum builder Johnny Craviotto) from Steve Maxwell’s Vintage and Custom Drums shop.

The 4-piece set was perfectly packed for the long shipping, so I started with playing the snare drum in my living room. Wow, this was simply the best snare I’ve ever played – What a perfect response! After unpacking the rest of the drum set, I do have to admire the kit is fabulous and looks amazing. It almost plays itself without much effort and all the while, I get a great sound from it – It’s just what I’ve been looking for.

To take a closer look at the kit with that nice wooden hoops on all drums and vintage T rods, you should check out the pictures above to get an idea of how awesome it is.

UPDATE@2016, July: I think this clip finally a nice drum feature and sad to say became a homage to the great drum builder passed away the time I was putting this clip together.